WOW! Thugs fight IN a church LOCKDOWN! WATCH!!

THESE guys are ruthless

Is this the America Obama had envisioned? If So —┬áSickening!

When I Woke Up This Morning I Thought I Was On A Dialysis machine because of my wife’s teeth grinding constantly next to me. I felt Angry. I mellowed out with some sweet treats and relaxed near my wheelbarrow. Then…

My friend Phil sent me this video. My day was OFFICIALLY ruined!

Two thugs try to fight innocent kid at church. What was once a space for safety and prayer becomes a modern day Sodom as these punks throw hands instead of throwing bible versus. Jesus wept during this altercation, you can see him leaking from the eyeballs at 2:44 in the video.

Trump would surely have intervened and told them what’s good! Pray tonight.






It’s a portrait of our times, our people asking the heaven’s about what’s good in life anymore, and only getting a punch to the mouth in response.