about us


Our Approach

We want to deliver the hardest hitting, freshest feeling, smoldering-firey-hottest hot takes on the news that the interwebs have to offer.

Our Story

We're really pissed off at the mainstream (lamestream) media withholding the real truth because the government tells them to. A group of hard working American patriots have come together to tell the real, authentic, hunnid proof story of the American dream.

Meet the Team

Our team is compiled of the smartest people, who use the best words. We could never consider hiring anyone who looked worse than an 8 (7.5 at the absolute worse, looking at you Kayla...) so you know you're getting your news from the best damn looking reporters in America


Reagan McCook

Founder & CEO

Reagan was named after the one true conservative God, Ronald Reagan himself. In her free time she likes to objectify men and troll liberal Facebook comment sections


Imran Meurig

Vice President

Imran came to the United States as a POW after serving in the Islamic State militant group. After years of reconditioning at GITMO, he has since reformed and realized that the Alt-Right movement is the clear cut path to true freedom and success and fights every day to improve the lives of his fellow Americans


Pancras Gilbert


Pancras saw the light and joined our crew after 23 years with Breitbart.com. He finally realized that there is only one TRUE source for Alt-Right news, and has brought a great skill set to our mission of informing the masses. Fun Fact: Most of his former Fraternity Brothers call him by his nickname "Tom"